Privacy Policy


Updated: 2019/05/14

The following personal data policy (below “policy”) applies to PIBBLE PTE. LTD (below “we” or “PIBBLE”) products including (but not limited to) PIBBLE application, web service, products and contents and includes all previous and future versions (below “service”) and outlines the personal data collection and protection. By reading this data policy, you agree to allow PIBBLE to collect, use, and handle your personal information regarding the following clauses and information. If you do not agree to this policy, then you will be unable to use the PIBBLE service.

I. PIBBLE Data Collection Information

When creating your account on PIBBLE, we will collect and receive your phone number and email address. When posting contents, information on your location will also be processed. Below, you can check the information collected by category.

  • Provided Information and Contents. When registering for an account, PIBBLE will collect your provided email address and phone number. When using our service (including posting/purchasing/sharing contents, writing comments, direct messaging with other users, adjusting profile etc.), PIBBLE will collect data concerning the communication, posted contents including the following information: the location of where the photo was taken, information about the date of the photo, and other information included in the photo metadata. When messaging on the platform, PIBBLE will collect the message title, sending time, if it was read/unread and the recipient of the message. The information we collect can also be used in order to suggest content that you might like, or provide tips on how to use it.

  • Information collected concerning your device. When using the PIBBLE, information about your current IP address, location-based information (including SIM CARD/IP address), equipment model, search history (from the PIBBLE service), device information, screen resolution, operating system and service and various other technical information will be automatically collected.
    The below outlines the information collected from your device:
    • Operating system, hardware and software version, battery level, signal strength, available storage space, browser type, app and file names and types, and plugins
    • Device operations and behaviors performed both in the foreground and background
    • Device ID, uniform resource name and other identifiers
    • Bluetooth signal, nearby Wi-Fi access points, beacons and cell towers
    • Device settings information that you enabled including GPS location, camera or photo information.
    • Network information including mobile operator, language, time zone, mobile phone number, IP address, and connection speed
    • Cookie ID and settings data that are stored on your device
  • Information about service usage. PIBBLE will collect information whenever you use our system about your usage habits. The collected information will include information related to content that you engage with, other accounts that you engage with, features used, actions performed, activity time, frequency and duration of usage of the service. For example, PIBBLE will keep a record of how long you used our service, the time of your last usage, and the contents that you engaged with on the platform. Additionally, your activities (including contents posted, upvotes, comments and other social activities) will be collected as well as information related to your interactions from what accounts you are connected to, what accounts you follow, your hashtag usage and other information related to communication will also be collected.

  • Information about other user’s actions related to your account. PIBBLE collects information regarding some activities performed by other users related to engaging with your account. For example, we will collect when they engage with your content, or communicate with you. This includes when they shared your contents, left a comment, and what time they sent you a message.

  • Information provided to 3rd parties. In some instance, PIBBLE will provide service information to third parties concerning users activity performed on the PIBBLE platform. We provide information including user’s service login information to third parties that are using the PIBBLE API or SDK for their development and publisher (below “partner”).

  • Information from 3rd parties. We will receive information from our third party partners concerning your activity off the platform or information provided from your usage of different services. Additionally, your information can be provided to us by app developers or publishers (below “partners”) that run our API or SDK. This can include information concerning your activities on other platforms provided to use by our platforms after using your login information. For example, a game developer using the pibble API could provide us with information about your game activity.

  • Information related to transactions on the service. PIBBLE will collects information related to any financial transactions done on the platform (including sales of your contents, the purchase of other contents/products, donations, sending or receiving Cryptocurrency) and will collect the amount sent/received or exchanged. In this situation, your account information, confirmation number, charge amount, delivery and address (in the case off off-line product purchases) will be collected when making a purchase.

II. Use of information on the platform

PIBBLE will use the user information collected on the platform in the following ways:

  • Manage user accounts and confirm account identity
  • Manage the service and account support, data analysis, testing, research, statitistics and surverys, error reporting, detection of scams or illegal activity in the effort to protect our community, internal operations and to collect feedback.
  • Provide service, personalize the service, and to improve and develop new services
  • To suggest and recommend our users on quality contents that they would be interested in
  • To provide notices about service changes or updates
  • To communicate with users
  • To announce changes to the terms and policy and give other service update announcements
  • To allow users to participate in service features
  • To provide users with contents that relate to their interests
  • To support and help users connect with other users on the service and promote social interaction
  • To confirm information concerning profile and posted contents by different users of the platform
  • To provide information including address and payment information in the situation that a user makes a purchase or transaction on the platform
  • To provide information to national security matters relating to law, legal proceedings, or in issues of natural security concerns.

III. Information Sharing

PIBBLE will share general information, without any personal identifying information, from the data that we collect from our users. The following outlines the ways in which we will share that information to other groups.

  • Sharing on the service platform
    • Sharing your public communications on the service. When posting contents or interacting publically on the service, that information can be shared and viewed by other users. For example, your username, profile information, posts, posted contents and public comments will be viewable by other users.
    • Content that is shared or reshared by other users on the service. When sharing or messaging on the service, other users can screenshot or download your posted contents and repost them both inside and outside of the service. Also, when upvoting, posting, or commenting on your own or other people’s contents, users and people who follow their content can also share and see this information as it is publically available. For example, when sharing contents on the service, if you tag or mention the location in your posts, this information will be publically available for other users to view or share on the service. If you have an issue with how another user is sharing or using your information, we suggest that you report it.
    • Sharing within the platform concerning purchases. When purchasing or posting premium contents or products for sell, the original creator and the purchaser will be provided with information related to the purchase. In case of purchases requiring shipping, address and personal contact information will be provided upon completion of the purchase so that the product can be delivered.
  • Ownership change. In the event of a potential ownership change, including the potential sell or buying of the service or investment/partnership or signing of a new partnership, information that PIBBLE has collected about users as part of our normal collection process could be wholly or partially transferred to the new owner.
  • Sharing of information with 3rd party partners. PIBBLE will share information with 3rd parties (including partners that use the PIBBLE API) to support and improve the login process. However, we will not sell our collected information to any third parties. When sharing information with 3rd parties, we will limit and restrict the ways in which they can use the data that we provide to them.
    The 3rd party groups that we will share information with are as follows:
    • Business Partners through which we provide our service and special offers
    • Vendors needed in order to fulfill the outlined services and store the collected information, including cloud storage providers, data centers, and file hosting companies.
    • Vendors helping optimize and improve our service, search engine optimization, technology services, and customer service.
    • Third party partners who provide services that you use when you use our services or use third party apps, websites, or other services that are integrated with the service and you choose to share.
    • We will share information with law enforcement agencies (both domestic and international) when required by law or legal request if the request is deemed reasonable.
      • To follow requests concerning legal liability or processes
      • To investigate violations that go against the terms and service of the PIBBLE terms and conditions.
      • To solve, prevent, or detect security concerns, account violations, or to solve technological problems.
      • To protect the rights, property or safety of our company, its users, third parties or the public, as required or permitted by law (including the exchange of information with other companies and institutions for the protection of fraud and for the reduction of credit risk).

IV. Cooperation with Service and Affiliates

Information can be shared with service affiliates regarding system and technology in order to promote innovation of the service, to provide a consistent and safe environment for our infrastructure. In order to do this, information will be processed by our affiliate companies according to the terms and conditions and following relevant laws. Additionally, we will make an effort to understand how our users are interacting with us and our affiliates’ services, which can include identifying the unique users for our and our affiliates’ services. We also strive to understand how people use and interact with us and our affiliate services, including identifying the number of unique users of our and our affiliates' services.

V. User Rights

If you would like more information concerning the following information, please contact us at [ ] and we will respond to your inquiry. Processing requests can take up to 1 month after receiving your request. However, this timeline can be extended to up to 3 months for issues beyond normal requests in complex cases, and a response might not be provided in cases that are deemed reasonable by legislation, or on grounds of equality or fair use.

  • Data access, modification, copy or Deletion. The following section explains your legal rights about how your personal information is gathered, shared, and used. You or your legal representative may exercise the following rights in connection with the collection, use and sharing of your personal information by us:

    • Exercise the Rights to Access Personal Information
    • Modify and Delete
    • Temporarily Suspend Processing of Personal Information
    • Withdraw of previous agreement

  • California Residents Privacy Protection. Section 1798.83 of the California Civil Code reserves the right to request and receive from us information once a year concerning customer information shared with other providers for marketing purposes by our services users who are residents of California. This information includes information about the name and address of the business that we shared customer information with in the previous year. Please submit your request to [] for a notification request.

  • Protection of information for users under the age of 13. Our service is not allowed to be used by users under the age of 13 so collecting information concerning these users is not intentional. If you are under the age of 13, you should not use our service. For information mistakenly collected by users under the age of 13, we will delete any information collected mistakenly from a user under the age of 13 if we are alerted. We suggest to please contact us at [ ] in order to report any user under the age of 13.

VI. Data Protection

PIBBLE will take action to protect your information according to our outlined policy. However, with any information that is transmitted on the internet, security cannot be guaranteed. Even with encrypted information, absolute protection of the data cannot be guaranteed, but PIBBLE will do our utmost to protect our users data whenever transmitting it on the server. When trasferring any information, the burden relies on the user.

We will take appropriate technical and organization responses in order to provide an appropriate level of security against threats to user’s rights and freedoms. To maintain and improve our responses, from time to time we will take actions to improve the overall security of our systems.

We may at times provide links within our service to our partners or affiliate’s services and websites. Please note that accessing these services or links to external sites, you are agreeing to operate on the privacy policy of that service and we are not responsible for maintaining that policy. We strongly suggest that you check that service or affiliate’s policy before you provide your information to them.

If you post content on our service, you should note that you are using a public account on the service, and that content will be visible to all users of our service whether or not you are connected to that User.

In order to secure the safety of your account, you are responsible for keeping your account and password details private. We suggest that you keep this information private and do not provide it to other people.

If you would like to delete your account, any posted information, including photos or status updates, will be unable to be restored after deletion. However, deleted information does not include any information posted from your account onto other user’s public profiles (including comments or activity) on their posts.

As required to prevent any potential conflicts or to handle legal business disputes, account information will be maintained for a period of time according to relevant contractual obligations and rights, and laws and regulations until the statute of limitations has expired.

After terminating your service, any data that was collected could be preserved anonymously without personally identifying information. Private information can be retained in order to fulfill legal obligations, resolve future legal disputes, file lawsuits, or to fulfill an agreement with the user and can be maintained when deemed necessary.

VII. Responses to legal requests & harm prevention measures

PIBBLE will cooperate and share information with regulators, law enforcement agencies, or other parties when required.

  • If required, PIBBLE will respond to legal requests (search warrant, court orders, subpoenas) if requested and legally required to do so. This includes legal requests from both inside the United States and jurisdictions outside of the US and we will respond when it is required by the laws of that jurisdiction, could have effects on users within that jurisdiction, or is consistent with internationally recognized standards.
  • PIBBLE will take the necessary actions, in accordance with our terms and conditions, in order to prevent, detect and handle various cases including fraud, unauthorized usage of our service, harmful or illegal activity. Additionally, we will take actions to protect our service (including rights, property or products), protect both you and our other users, including responses to regulatory inquiries or investigations or to prevent death or bodily harm. For example, we will provide information to and from our trusted third-party partners to prevent fraud, check the reliability of your account, and protect against abuse or other harmful activities.

Information received by PIBBLE about you (ie: financial transaction data, or purchases made on the platform) can be kept and accessed for an extended period when it is the subject of a legal request or obligation, governmental investigation, or investigations of possible violations of our terms or policies, or otherwise to prevent harm. In addition, PIBBLE will maintain information from accounts disabled for terms violations for a period of one year or more to prevent repeat abuse or other term violations.

VIII. Global Service operation and transfer of data

According to this policy, PIBBLE will at times share information globally, both internally within the service, and externally with our partners and with users you connect with on the service. For example, your information can in some cases be transferred or transmitted to, or stored and processed in the United States or to a country different from where you reside for the any of the purposes previously described in our policy. In order to provide the services outlined in our Terms of service to you, these data transfers are needed to globally operate and provide our service to you. PIBBLE uses standard contract clauses, rely on the European Commission's adequacy decisions about certain countries, as applicable, and obtain your consent for these data transfers to the United States and other countries.

IX. Announcement of changes to the privacy policy

PIBBLE will periodically make changes to this data policy when needed and these changes will be available to be viewed by our users. These periodic policy updates or changes should be confirmed by the user. Also, when there are changes made to the policy, they will be in effect from the release of the newest app version. By continuing to access the PIBBLE service, PIBBLE considers that you accept the changes to this policy. If you are not in agreement with the policy changes, then you should discontinue using the PIBBLE service.

X. Contact information

If you have any inquiries or questions about our protection of personal information, please feel free to contact us at the following contact point:

  • Business : PIBBLE PTE. LTD.
  • Address : 16 Collyer Quay #17-00 Singapore 049318
  • email :
  • Contact : Andrew DB Chae